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The Good Ship
289 Kilburn High Road
Kilburn, NW6 7JR
+ 44 (0) 7949 008253

Closest station: Brondesbury

To reserve your seat, email

Prices: £5 for admission

Comedy nights in Kilburn

The Good Ship and I have something in common, we are always up for a laugh. Every Monday, this gastro pub in northern London hosts its own comedy club.

Starting from 8.30pm, the line up of these comedy shows usually includes four funny hopefuls. They all dream that the small rectangular stage will also be their steppingstone, like it has been for many in the past including Stephen Merchant.

He performed here on 11 February 2008 as the pub's website reveals and is now starring alongside Ricky Chevais in the series "Life's Too Short".

I didn't fall short of laughter during my visit. With Cariad Lloyd and Thom Tuck two nominees at the Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Awards, took the stage with surprising, yet entertaining acts on the Russian Revolution and straight-to-DVD Disney films.

In case you wondered, Thom Tuck is not a pseudonym – but since when can you ever trust a comedian?

Three hours of fun

I will however trust the audience's reaction which seemed to get their fair shares of laughs.

"It was a collective mix and I enjoyed the energy," says Steve, currently living in London. "Everyone in the room would have laughed at some point."

I got a seat on the lower level, also associated with a "squash court box" by compere of the night, Juliet Stephens.

It was enough though to fit the stage as well as 35 comedy enthusiasts, with more seats available on the skirting upper deck and balcony.

Mix and match

The performances were truly a mix and match and as a German I was expecting that at least one of them would pull the German card.

And Paul T Eyres did. I'm surprised that there isn't a joke starting with: "A German walks into a comedy club…"

This was however nothing compared to the first row that was constantly picked on by comedian Adam Bloom, who took the stage last.

If you would like to avoid that, arrive around half an hour before the show, that's when the seats on the lower level start filling up.
Otherwise, prepare to be thick-skinned!

Fun for everyone

All of the Comedians were British but don't worry if English is not your first language. The jokes have a broad range and the costumes as well as the gestures will leave you snickering.

Despite it being the start of the week, people stayed until the final act and the bar, which is open until 2am, offers a chance to drown this manic Monday.

"It's a great thing to do on a Monday night and well worth the evening and the £5," says Jonny from New Zealand. I'll be back at The Good Ship Comedy Club for some more laughter as well, even though I'm German.

Christine Liehr