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Rough Trade East End
Dray Walk, Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane, E1 6QL
+44 (0) 207 392 7788

Closest station: Shoreditch High Street

Opening times:
Monday – Thursday: 8am-9pm
Friday: 8am- to 8pm
Saturday: 10am to 8pm
Sunday: 11am to 7 pm

Rough Trade East End

Rough Trade East End in Brick Lane has it all: records, books, live music and the chance to indulge yourself with coffee and conversation.

Rough Trade started in 1976 and later branched into Rough Trade Records in 1978. The label went on to sign renowned artists like The Smiths.

More than music

Under one roof and within 5,000 sq ft of space, you can choose from commercial pop sounds to budding indie artists—anything from Lana Del Ray to We Have Band.

The shop also features and promotes artists in its Album of the Month section, and you can see them perform live here too. If you're struggling with too many choices, then there are multiple listening stations in the shop to help you decide.

But Rough Trade is more than just music. It is also a good place to stop and browse through an impressive book collection. From art to music to photography, it offers a selection of reads on diverse creative topics.

While you're there, you can also pick up a t-shirt or a bag, or choose from a selection of Rough Trade merchandise hung all over the shop or neatly placed at the counters.

Live performances

But more than anything, what sets Rough Trade East End apart is its reputation for live music performances. Well-known bands like Vampire Weekend, Blur and Sonic Youth have performed at this venue.

Rough Trade East is also an acoustic music venue. It has in-shop gigs that are normally free, and start from 7pm. With a small stage and cosy surroundings, it's a good place to listen to the bands in an acoustic setting. You can also catch up with the artists if you hang around after the performance.

If you just want to stroll around a cool shop or need a break from London's commercial high streets you might want to take a detour down to Brick Lane.

Bibek Bhandari

Black and white photo courtesy of Rough Trade East End, used with permission.