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Hua Gallery
Unit 7B, G/F, Albion Riverside
8 Hester Road
Battersea, SW11 4AX
+44 (0) 207 738 1215

Closest station: South Kensington

Opening times:
Tuesday – Saturday: 11-6pm

Modern Chinese art

The Hua Gallery is located on a prestigious residential block in Battersea and showcases exciting Chinese contemporary art.

Located along the south side of the Thames, Hua Gallery is the only Chinese modern art gallery with a permanent exhibition space of this size and scale.

The mainly undiscovered artists of the gallery produce distinctive Chinese paintings and innovative photos that are considered genuine pieces of art. 

Walking through the gallery's vast space, I realise how accurate the description by founder Shanyan Koder, truly is: "The Hua Gallery strives to introduce to the international art scene new and stimulating contemporary works by emerging and locally established contemporary Chinese artists, who are not as yet discovered internationally."

Spiritual Jungle

The gallery was recently opened in 2011 and has already seven exhibitions under its belt and two more to come in March and May this year. 

The Spiritual Jungle by Guocheng Chen was on from 19 January until February 17 and "presented to the audience a personal, mysterious and unknown world," according to Koder, the gallery director.

Chen uses a range of techniques for his paintings, resulting in natural and emotive landscapes. "It is something odd, but very beautiful," says Josh who visited the Spiritual Jungle exhibition with his wife.

The painter plays with the relationship of what is real and what is imaginary. This new perspective for the art of painting "explores the boundaries between figuration and abstraction". 

Photography exhibitions

Hua Gallery is not only interested in the art of painting, but also in the art of photography. Regardless of its art form, the gallery is equally committed to highlighting innovation and creativity.

One of the two prospective exhibitions for this year is by internationally renowned photographer Polly Braden. Currently living in London, Polly's A Decade in China will display photos from the ten years she spent in the East. 

The word "Hua" in Chinese means "to paint" or "painting". The initial idea behind the gallery was to build a Chinese contemporary art collection that was different and inspirational.

After visiting, I think it's safe to say that the gallery has succeeded.

Motasem Dalloul