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Madhura Dosa
36 Ealing Road
Wembley, HA0 4TL

Closest station: Wembley Central

Opening times:
Daily from 10,30am – 9pm

Prices: Dosas from £1.50-£3.00

Dosa: South Indian cuisine in Wembley

Mouth-watering street food is an Indian specialty. But you don't have to go all the way to India to get an authentic taste of it.












After the Brits made curry their honorary national dish, the Indian food industry has been booming. But there is a lot more to Indian cuisine than chicken tikka masala, samosas and lamb bhuna.

Madhura Dosa Express in Wembley Central brings the tastes and smells of India right to Brent's doorstep.

What is a dosa?

For anyone who isn't familiar with South Indian vegetarian food, a dosa is a crepe made of rice batter and black lentils. These simple dosa ingredients don't sound too appetising, do they? But once it is filled with potato, capsicums, cheese and an array of Indian herbs and spices, your mouth is brought to life with flavour. It is served alongside a small pot of coconut chutney and vegetable stew, steaming hot on a cold English day.

Vegetarianism plays a big part in many Indian religions and cultures, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. That's why it is important that the ingredients that go into dosas are completely Vegetarian, so that the religiously diverse population of London can all enjoy this snack.

The stall, which is just off Ealing Road, has been open for four months. One customer says: "It reminds me of India," as he watches the dosa being spread onto the hot plate and sizzling as ingredients are added.

Santhuja, Vinod, Tharaka and Niranjala are almost effortlessly able to prepare authentic dosas quickly. The team originates from Kerala in India, as well as Sri Lanka. And with their smiles and efficiency, they give the best customer service I've ever seen on a street stall.

A dosa for breakfast, lunch or dinner

The stall has an extensive range of dosa flavours and fillings; from masala dosas (with potato, onion and spices) to paneer masala dosas (with Indian cheese, potato, capsicums, onions and spices). You can choose your level of spiciness too.
You'll also find another classic Indian snack, pani puri - round, hollow crisps stuffed with potato, onion, chickpeas, various sauces and a sour and spicy soup. It's perfect for a busy but peckish Londoner on the go.

Santhuja and her team open up at around 10.30am every morning and close around 9pm (or 10pm in summer). So you can enjoy your dosa for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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