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Negozio Classica
283 Westbourne Grove
W11 2QA
+44 (0) 207 034 0005

Closest station: Notting Hill Gate

Opening times:
Monday -Thursday: 3.30pm – 12am
Friday and Sunday: 10am – 12am
Saturday: 9am – 12am

Italian wines at Negozio Classica

Get a taste of Italy's best wines in the charming ambience of bar Negozio Classica. This Portobello Road bar and shop represents Italy in all its shades with an impressive range of wines. Something in this place can make you feel you are travelling without moving.

At the corner of one of the most characteristic streets in London, this 70 year-old hidden gem has more than 50 different types of wine, most of them coming from Tuscany. The famous reds Avignonesi, and Rosso di Montepulciano, and the delightful whites Chardonnay Marzocco and Sauvignon Blanc Riserva can all be found here.

From the outside, you can see walls lined with rows of bottles inviting you to enter and explore. A cordial group of young sommeliers was ready to give me information about the menu, offering clear descriptions of each wine. 

Sparkling, red and white wines by the glass, dessert wines, grappa and also a variety of food specialties are offered. The typical tagliere di formaggio, a selection of quality cheeses and the famous mozzarella di bufala, creamy mozzarella served with cherry tomatoes and avocado, were both excellent.

Another glass for my friend, please

The food, wine and cosy interior of Negozio Classica reminds me of a typical bar from back home. But this is not just a place for homesick Italians; it is also a perfect spot for foreigners to get a taste of la dolce vita. 

Manager Mike Procopakis says: " We welcome so many nationalities a day, people from Europe to Australia and actually, I would really like to stand at the door and count how many they are". 

In Negozio Classica you can find groups of friends enjoying a glass of wine, people of every age and profession and, last but not least, food and wine lovers.

Like other special bars in London, it is a perfect place to relax and chat with your friends after a long week of work. Experiencing a taste of the Mediterranean transports me right back to Italy. 

High quality, low cost

Whether you want to drink in or take away, Negozio offers you a wide variety of choices at affordable prices. You can find some fine wines for under £25 per bottle. The bar also offers a variety of nibble options priced between £3-5, and more substantial platters around £12. 

A sister store of Negozio Classica, has just opened up in Primrose Hill, on Regent's Park Road. Another sign that Londoners can't get enough of (liquid) Italy.

Valentina Romeo