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Broadway Market
Between Regent's Canal and London Fields

Closest station: London Fields Rail

Opening times:
Every Saturday from 9am-5pm

Go to the website to search for stalls and also if you would like to become a stall owner

Broadway Market in the East End

One day a week, one small street between London Fields and Regent's Canal, turns into a bustling hub of activity. Rain or shine, bike riders, creative types, eccentrics and locals flock to this Saturday market in London's East End to sample tasty delights, and I am no exception.

Broadway Market is split into two rows, with over 100 stalls crammed side by side facing out towards the street. Strolling through all the clothes, records, antiques and various knickknacks is a great way to start the weekend. But the reason this market is so popular (or at least the reason why I go) is the food.

Organic meats, gluten-free cakes and locally grown fruit and vegetables are just some of the produce on display. Some stalls serve prepared food, like homemade pies, freshly grilled burgers, spicy chicken curries and crispy Vietnamese baguettes.

One tough street

The market has been taking place every Saturday from 9am – 5pm since 2004. But the street's history is much older than that. Fred Cooke started selling jellied eels on Broadway Market in 1900. His shop is still there today, selling pies and jellied eels by Fred's grandson, Bob.

The street was bombed during the Second World War, and was on the brink of disappearance during the 80s. But this resilient street has always managed to regenerate itself and flourish.

Ole Hansen has been serving smoked salmon at Broadway Market for over a year. Hansen uses beech wood and juniper to smoke the salmon in his own smoking chamber just up the road in Stoke Newington. "I follow my grandfather's recipe," he says.

Ole comes from the North of Norway and has brought the recipe with him to East London. "I enjoy recreating the nostalgia lost in my childhood."

Lovingly prepared

There's something heartwarming about the way these stall owners care about their produce and what they're putting out on display. So much time and effort goes into the food, which makes it taste just that much better.

"You eat [my salmon] and then it's hard to go to supermarket salmon," Ole jokes. He's right though – the salmon is buttery smooth and rich with flavour, the best I've ever had.

The market can get crowded with hungry and fashionable hipsters and pram pushing parents, but slowly weaving through the crowd just allows for more time to take in all the colours, sounds and smells of the market.

You can spend hours exploring Broadway Market, and a small fortune too. But with food this fresh, this street is definitely worth a visit.

Alexia Dellner