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Queens Park farmers' market
Salusbury Primary School,
Salusbury Road, NW6 6RG

Closes station: Queens Park

Opening times:
Every Sunday 10am-2pm

Prices: free entry

Farmers' market in north London

During the week, the Salusbury Primary School's courtyard is filled with children, playing in their marine and grey uniforms or drawing with chalk on the floor.

The chalk is still there on Sunday but instead of pupils, visitors of the Queens Park Farmers' Market roam the school's plot.

I am one of them, blending in among many Londoners who have made this market in north London a Sunday morning fixture.

Families, couples and busy-looking singles come prepared, with their reusable shopping bags around their arms, for fresh and home grown products.

From organic bread and colourful tulips to Wiltshire cheese, the sellers eagerly fill the customers' bags accompanied with a smile and some chitchat. They have all reasons to be happy; the market has been awarded the 2012 FARMA (Farmers' Retail & Markets Association) Certified farmers' market of the year.

Sausage delights

With a clear intention in mind, I pass the bright blue gate and turn left to the stand near the south entrance offering hot, from the pan, sausages from Grasmere farm.

This family business sells breakfast, flavoured and gluten-free sausages. "Lincolnshire sausages are our customers' favourites," Less Peters tells me over the counter with wrapped bacon and pork piled up in front of him.

"That's why we use them for our sausages hot from the pan," he adds. My German heart beats faster when I see the huge pan of perfectly grilled sausages, and my St. Patrick's Day damaged body comes to life upon the sight of some meaty input.

I join the queue that already stretches over to the neighbouring stand, even though the market opened just ten minutes ago.

The line dissolves as quickly as it is formed again. I order my sausage in a white bun with fried onions and add Ketchup as well as brown sauce. My hearty breakfast, wrapped in a white serviette is ready.

With my steaming sausage in hand, I explore the other stands and listen to people's sounds of 'ohs' and 'ahs'. "Oh, these apples are just delicious!" a woman exclaims loudly behind me after trying a sample cut.

Get closer

The market is a great opportunity to talk to shop owners, ask about local production methods and get fresh and healthy treats for little money.

You can also stay in touch via the market's Facebook site and find out about upcoming events like the Queen's Park Plant Fair on 6 May.

If you want to get into the action yourself, the market currently is looking for fishermen and beekeepers. I will stick to the sausages.

Christine Liehr