journalist and global nomad

Alexia Dellner's passion for journalism grew out of a lifelong love of meeting new people and finding stories. This can probably be attributed to her somewhat nomadic upbringing, which brought her into contact with so many different types of people and fostered an intellectual curiosity for the novel.

After graduating cum laude from Tufts University in Boston in 2008, Alexia spent some time writing articles for Questex Media in New York City, before heading back to her native Europe. In London, she worked for Travel Channel International researching and scheduling, before deciding to pursue her masters degree in journalism at the University of Westminster.

At Westminster, Alexia has focused on print and online media, learning how to write concise and engaging copy. She was the editor for ColourMyLondon, a website created by ten journalism students about the lesser known bits of the capital.

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Alexia has lived in Brussels, Florence, Boston, Bologna and New York City. She is currently based in London.

Have passport, will travel.

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