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MacKenzie Drive, Folkestone

The stories that refugees and migrants told Jody-Lan Castle, during her years of volunteering, inspired her to become a journalist and give a platform to those voices.

She is studying her MA in International Journalism at the University of Westminster.

One of her online projects was to build a group website called Colour My London. She was in charge of Marketing and also Multimedia content.

A BA in Politics and International Relations at the University of Kent (2011) led her to become deeply passionate about current affairs.

Her year at the University of Hong Kong (2010) provided her with the idea for a documentary which she will make in May 2012. It tells of the discrimination non-Chinese locals in Hong Kong face daily.

She writes regularly for an international online news website, WeSpeakNews, on topics varying from UK domestic stories to India-centric news.

abishek bachchan and meera syal
Roma girl begging
Sikh men play Dhol
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