During an Online Journalism course, our class was tasked with creating websites. Along with nine other international journalists, I developed Colour My London, a look into the lesser known areas of London.


Throughout the ten weeks we worked on the project, we experiences several setbacks and frustrations, as well as complete revamps of our design, as seen in the photos below.


Through my role as coder, it was my responsibility to not only make the site possible, but also to quickly solve any problems that arose with regards to HTML/CSS errors, as well as writing articles for the site.


Overall, I found this project extremely rewarding, as it not only gave me the opportunity to learn a new skill, but also allowed me the experience of working with a group where each of us had specific duties required to make the entire site work.


Please visit Colour My London - have a nose around and discover parts of London you might not have thought to visit before.