English language and literature graduate

I have studied my BA degree in the Islamic University of Gaza during 1997 and 2001. When I finished my secondary education, I thought of studying journalism, but chose English language and literature to make for myself a bridge to connect to the other world's cultures.

NGO Officer

When I had finished my BA, I worked for a Palestinian NGO. I could obtain
a senior position and could make essential decisions regarding its work strategy.
I could, completely, a leading NGO of a nearly dead one within less than three years.


During my work at that NGO, I met tens of national and international journalists
who used to report about the life of the Palestinians. I recognised how journalism
can widens one's knowledge and promote his leadership abilities. Therefore,
I left the NGO and started training period at Ramattan, a Palestinian news agency.

A couple of months later, I started writing features for aljazeera.net/english,
and other English websites.
Two years later, at the Islamic University of Gaza, I taught the first ever English
language journalism course in the Gaza Strip. I felt that this field needed to be
developed. Thus, I have done my best to write a rough book about English journalism.

I was sure that it was not the best book to be taught about journalism. So that, I decided to study MA International journalism at the University of Westminster trying to master the profession very well.